Meet The Team

Smart, Fun, Elegant, Ambitious

and Detailed would be but a fair description of Benedicta Genevieve Ogar; Principal Consultant of CityBEE Concierge Services. Benedicta a.k.a

"Queen Bee" is a true connoisseur of global repute, with experience spanning various service industries across locations worldwide.

She is a graduate of the University of Lagos, Nigeria, Landover Aviation Business School, Lagos,

The Swiss Hotel Management School, Switzerland and The International School of Hospitality, Las Vegas, USA. She holds an array of qualifications which include a degree in French Language, a Postgraduate Diploma in Hotel Operations Management, a Certificate in Airfares, Ticketing and EBT, as well as Certificates in the Art of Concierge and Hospitality Human Resources.

As many other success stories, she started her professional career with a customer service role in one of Africa’s leading telecommunications companies,

and was later engaged with the prestigious Sequoia Lodge, Disneyland in Paris as a Management trainee.

She returned to Nigeria to take up the reigns in a few leading boutique hotels, overseeing the delivery of world class service to their exclusive clientele, being largely responsible for the transformation and revamping of the service offering and hence viability.

Benedicta's taste for the finer things, love for travel and adventure, knack for excellent service delivery, passion to make people happy, as well as her understanding of the challenge of maintaining a healthy work-life balance has spurred her venturing into offering bespoke concierge services. With her down to earth personality, ‘can do’ attitude and professional approach, you are assured

The most pleasent experiences with this team!

Mission Statement

A strong commitment to ensuring the delivery of personalized top notch services by aligning our expertise with our client's
lifestyle needs, thereby making their Bee-siness our Bee-siness.