About Us

Ever wake up to a day

filled with so much to do, you wished you
could be in two places at once?

Ever find yourself buried in so much work you couldn't make time out to book a flight for that all important meeting or much needed vacation at
GREAT DEALS? Or have the time to BUY and DELIVER that gift to that special person??

Ever think of making that special day something to remember but realize you do not have the time to ORGANIZE it???

Looking for a "one stop shop"

to help with just about ANYTHING, freeing up your
time to kick back and relax while things still get done?

Well then, why stay Bee-sy, when we can for you?!!!!

CityBee is a Concierge company, based in Lagos Nigeria

Company Profile

Catering to the everyday needs of the “BEE-sy” men and women who have little or no time to handle their daily to dos. We handle the small tasks so you can concentrate on your job, personal time and greater duties. We ease the stress and burden by handling your tasks which could range from provision of information sourcing to handling of chores, pickups, deliveries, hiring, shopping, bookings, reservations, and any other service you require. We carry out these functions bearing in mind that our growth lies in your satisfaction.

CityBee has built a great network of highly trustworthy and reputable suppliers who have met specific criteria and are sure to provide excellent services that would suit your unique daily challenges. We work with our approved vendors or a vendor chosen by you.

We take care of Logistics and Management in areas of hospitality, household, travels, tours, and events.

We are your preferred chores handler and lifestyle Managers.

We operate a 'Nothing is too much trouble' policy

Mission Statement

A strong commitment to ensuring the delivery of personalized top notch services by aligning our expertise with our client's
lifestyle needs, thereby making their Bee-siness our Bee-siness.